We have established partnerships with other funded organization and we implement on their behalf in our mobilized communities, benefit by sharing funding of same activities, resources, labour, equipment and material that we cant afford.

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Our Partners

Ghetto Research Lab Kamwokya, City Ventures Kamwokya, Just A Hub, Creative Arts , Microfinance Support Center, Kamwokya Addicts Savings Group, You and I foundation, Mirembe Foundation Kalamba, Budde and Ngando Training Centres. BUWESA, Skills development Facility, Skills for Competitiveness, Private Sector Foundation, Entebbe Municipality, Manyago Women Development Association , Ministry of Gender labor and social development, Afrika Art Kollectives (AAK), ECO Voices, City Ventures, Baraka African Ministries, Kayunga, Community Based organizations (CBO’s), Hope Adult Literacy Classes (HALC) International Initiative for Community Development, CIDI CSO Dialogue on Improved WASH, Faith Based Organizations (Churches, Mosques and Schools Preaching and Training in Wealth Creation, Gospel of Prosperity, Finance Management and Business) and Work for Life, Buikwe Feed and Care and many more

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