Prostitutes & Drug Abuse Program

SHIH Uganda Programs

SHI UGANDA believes addiction is not disability, we ignore the addiction and develop the good in a very one, loving them and not judging in an effort to induce and breed natural self initiated change.

We bring them closer to God by attaching them to churches or facilitate religious people to form churches in their communities or offering special n services for them,
we train and develop their capacity, skill them and we teach them self branding, mindset change and care to fit in the society and to be trusted.


We facilitate income generating projects that along term and require a lot of ours to eat away the idle time that is a breeding ground for addictions. 90% of our skills trainers and volunteers are ex addicts and they earn a lot of income by being skills trainer in our projects and in their communities.

We rehabilitate and counsel young girls and women out of prostitution, we care for children born and raised in prostitution to keep them in school and planning on creating safe homes for prostitutes kids in order to avoid them turning into the ill and hence breaking the vicious cycle of prostitution and child prostitution and its associated evil effects.

We carried out detailed research on prostitution and drug and addiction, we are planning on documenting and dramatizing it.

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